Pickpockets call the rear pocket, the sucker pocket as it’s just the simplest to snatch from. Inside breast pockets of the jacket are good spots to stash little flat items, but you’ve to keep the jacket zipped securely shut at all times for the fact that to work extremely well. It’s for a number of rationales that cash belts were designed, but the name cash belt is really a bit misleading for many travelers because a money belt is actually meant to fix what you do not need stolen and not what you are going to use that day. Essentially, a money belt is not intended for carrying the necessary material everyday for daily transactions.


You do not need to be pulling out and re concealing your money belt frequently since that brings attention to it, which kind of defeats the purpose. It’s a good idea to keep this things shoved deep to the front pocket of the trousers as this is the best profile way to take money. If you need to access what is in the money belt, go to an area where one may do that unobtrusively – like a bathroom. Waist money belts – these are frequently considered the most famous. This belt is worn around the waist, usually under your clothing.
The main concern with this kind of cash belt is that it’s comfortable and it fits your waistline, otherwise you will be lured to leave it behind. Neck or shoulder cash belts – these are pockets that hang from the string which goes around your neck or on your shoulder. Again, this belt is usually worn under your clothing. Since the strap may be grabbed, cut, and the sack pulled away, it is the least effective of cash belts, but it is still much safer than the usual wallet or bum pack.

Clearly, long trousers want to be worn over them to conceal them. These are said to be worn by travelers in areas where bandits wander since, apparently, the bandits are most likely to tell travelers to drop their pants to uncover their cash belts and this circumvents that issue.

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