In case your travel luggage is delayed, goes lost or gets damaged on a flight, what kind of settlement are you entitled to? The Montreal Convention makes airlines accountable for the bags they enable you to sign in, although their responsibility is limited to around 1, 113 per passenger. Airlines are more inclined to accept liability for missing or damaged baggage if you report the problem straightaway. Prior to leaving the baggage reclaim hall, go to the airline desk. While this is not a legal demand, and there perhaps a reason why it is not possible to get one you are still entitled to claim.

With no PIR, the process is probably to be more of an uphill struggle. If you wish to claim settlement, write to the airline within one week of getting your baggage, attaching a copy of the PIR. In case the bag is missing. In addition to personal and flight details, you will need to give a precise description of the missing bag, documenting any differentiating characteristics. An excellent piece of advice is to maintain a photo of the luggage on your telephone in the event you ever need to make this type of report. Photographic evidence may also help if you’re reporting damaged luggage.

Write to the airline, attaching the a copy of the PIR, within 7 days of the flight. In case your luggage turns up a few days late, it is up to the airline to make preparations to get it to you as economically as possible. Where baggage doesn’t show up, you ought to be capable to monitor it throughout the tracing procedure, either by contacting luggage providers at the airport, the airline central division or by logging into an on-line baggage tracing page with a reference number. This reference will refer to the luggage receipt often connected to your passport or boarding card at check-in or bag fall, so you will need to keep it to hand.

If there is no sign of it after 3 weeks, the bag may be reported lost. If your bag has gone lost on the outward flight and you find you’re on vacation with no possessions, airlines are required to cover costs of Essential items. This description may be a sticking point with regards to compensation. Depending upon the perspective of the airline, it might argue that Essential items are categorized as toiletries, underwear or laundry costs as opposed to a brand new outfit. In many cases the airline may track down your bag rapidly and return it to you within a day or two.

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