Travel Duffles Buying Guide

Sometimes travels demand a little more items and a backpack simply doesn’t work. That’s when duffle bags make every sense. When it comes to the choice of a travel duffle selecting the right one is way important due to the features and traits that make your travels easier, practical and comfortable. Duffle bags were first made in the area of Duffel in Belgium, a place that also gave them their name. Check out our travel duffles now.

You can call them holdalls, weekenders, duffle or duffel bags but it all defines one unique choice of luggage loved for its versatility and noted for sheer simplicity. But you don’t want to end up with a high-end expensive sack fashioned with a zipper and a couple of fancy straps christened as a duffle lacking in durability, practicality and features that define a travel duffle bag.

To help you choose the best travel duffles that meet your needs asking yourself a number of questions will help a lot.

  • What’s the duration of your journey?
  • Is a carry-on workable?
  • Will you bring home more items?
  • Is weather protection and element resistant a consideration?
  • Is locking the carry-on or wheeled duffle high in your list?
  • How far in organisation I’m I looking at?
  • Is cost a factor?

At the end of the day you want to get yourself the best bag great for travelling. With all manner of considerations to make you can actually shop the best duffle that fits your needs.


Carry-on travel duffles

Size is a major distinguisher when it comes to duffle bags. You need to ask yourself whether you prefer carrying the duffle inside the plane or something else for the plane’s cargo hold. If a carry-on for the cabin compartment sounds good, a travel duffle is a great choice. You’ll be sure of space that a duffle promises without compromising your convenience.  Choose non-wheeled standard duffles for their lightweight feature and ease of carrying them easily as a backpack.

In case unstructured packing is everything in a carry-on that also has wheels you can find one suitable for international travel, whether by road or air. The beauty of any duffle bag is that they always surprise when it comes to the amount of stuff they can hold. They’re superb when thinking about durable, lightweight and comfortable travelling.

Wheeled travel duffles

The convenience and flexibility of a duffle can be enhanced further with wheels. This gives you the ease of rolling your bag anyway you want perhaps to give your shoulders and back some rest as you take a trip. Of course not every duffle comes with wheels but it must exceed a specific size and weight to warrant some. For instance, a massive duffle bag without wheels can be a little heavy for you but with wheels even pulling it to the taxi or car hire section will be very easy. Wheels blend well with durable duffles and can withstand some extreme exposures, particularly while travelling across rugged terrain and long journeys.

Non-wheeled travel duffles

Across smooth surfaces such as airports wheels will always come in handy. But in rugged terrain and rough patches it’s a whole new headache. There’re times when wheels aren’t really needed due to their weight. Wheels might be great and convenient but at times the only thing you need is throw a duffle on your shoulder and hit the road. As such, classic, non-wheeled duffle bags always rock. You can choose one that’s made for super durability, ultra-light and superbly made to help you carry those critical items you need for your journey. They come in handy when you want to make a last-minute trip without having to do elaborate preparations.



The reason duffles are loved is their ability to contract and expand depending on how you are using them. The bag can stretch for the longest adventure as needed and easily contract to its standard shape for a few days trip. A versatile bag functioning as a daily holdall or a quick luggage case, duffles with front pockets are best to keep your sunglasses, water bottle or even a book.

In case you want to use your duffle casually, to grab it when in a hurry choose one with full pockets enough to hold diverse items from small travel personal treats, socks to toiletries. On the side of the bag the seam should be secure enough to maintain the integrity of the bag’s internal storage while ensuring the pockets are practical.

Note that travel duffles are respected for their ability to withstand lots of different elements. Taking a beating makes them the choice to shove inside your car, throw it in a closet, and push it in a plane’s overhead compartment. They stand up to the ever-changing rigors of modern travel.

Choose the best material such as canvas that’s washable and breathable or waterproof ballistic nylon for occasional travelling.  High quality material will ensure the duffle bag looks good even after years of use. Also note that even as wheels add some convenience they actually make the famous bag to lose its durability, low-maintenance qualities and versatility features it’s loved for.


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