Consider how hard it’s to search inside for items. For zipper orientation, generally the D shaped openings are much better than strait zippers since they enable you to see and access more space. The number of pockets and how easy it’s to access those pockets can be crucial. Generally, a readily accessible pocket in the lid is ideal. Some bags don’t have back pack straps, that is a bummer if you’re going to take long hikes through airports. Since none of the burly travel duffels we tested has wheels, these back pack straps can be crucial. All back pack straps have different degrees of comfort depending upon how thick the foam is and where they attach.

A bag like the Gregory Alpaca Duffel has all of the options! Backpack, carry straps and an over the must strap. Consider how easy it’s to remove the back pack straps. Some bags have nifty ways to tuck away the straps without the need to remove them. Good lashing details and retention straps are also crucial for ease of fastening for buses, mules, and simply fitting in tight spots. Duffels that may be carried, lashed, and stashed in the most ways are usually the best.

In addition look for models with cycles grasping at each end for pulling them out of buses and trucks or simply dragging them around when you’ve too much stuff. Overall, the simplest way to carry a duffel bag is in back pack mode so the back pack straps comfort and functionality is the most crucial thing to consider. Durability while looking at the toughness, we took into account the material each duffel bag was made from, how burly the seams are sewn, and what type of zipper they used. Most bags are constructed of fairly thick polyurethane, which is regarded the most burly and water resistant material.

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