The Gadget-Charging Backpack

Finding a back pack designed to defend and carry all your technology isn’t terribly hard nowadays. What sets the Military Occupational Specialty Pack apart is that it may also help keep all your gear charged. Available in both black or grey, the Military Occupational Specialty Pack includes a cleaner look than most backpacks which are designed to carry all your gadgets. It isn’t covered in mesh pouches, there is no place to clip on a carabiner, and it is branded with minimal logos. The pack has a classic design, which does mean it does not draw attention to itself, or makes it obvious that you are carrying around a couple of expensive toys.

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Whilst it holds plenty, the Military Occupational Specialty Pack is barely a large bag, so that you can forget about attempting to squeeze a weekend worth of clothing in there if you wish to carry a laptop computer too. It isn’t a carry-on replacement. On the back, you will find a zipper open pocket, that provides a place to rapidly stash smaller items you may like to access more often, but are not especially concerned about keeping safe. The microfibre lined pocket on the top will keep sun glasses scratch free, but easy available Wandering hands on a crowded train.

Opening the Military Occupational Specialty Pack main compartment reveals an accumulation of smaller pockets for storing more gadgets. There is even a leakproof pocket, available only from the outside, designed to maintain a water bottle. Not having a place to securely carry a water bottle and maintain it from leaking onto everything inside was one among my biggest grievances with The North Face gadget focused Access Pack. And the Military Occupational Specialty Pack allows you carry a water bottle internally, so it does not detract from bag’s clean aesthetics. The Military Occupational Specialty Pack dedicated laptop computer compartment easily held my 15 inches MacBook Pro, and there is room enough for somewhat bigger laptops, however, you could have trouble blending one of those monster portable gaming rigs inside.

Gaming beasts aside, I’d little trouble packing a little arsenal of tech into the Military Occupational Specialty Pack. Given it is a gadget focused back pack, it isn’t at all surprising you may stuff it saturated in, well, gadgets. What makes the Military Occupational Specialty Pack distinctive is that it may also help keep all of those gadgets charged. Throughout the Military Occupational Specialty Pack you will also find access holes between the numerous pockets and compartments, as well as straps and loops enabling you to operate and secure receiving cables from your own gadgets back to the Military Occupational Specialty Reach. On the opposite side of Military Occupational Specialty Pack’s water bottle pocket you will find another zippered compartment housing the other end of the Military Occupational Specialty Reach, a brief Extension cable terminating in a broken outlet. When everything in the pack is all wired up, the next time you are In an airport and are fortunate enough to find an accessible power outlet, you may connect the brief extension cable into it, that Will then feed everything into your pack. For more on the latest backpacks, visit The Luggage Supermarket!

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