Visa: Maldives offers 1 month Visas on arrival for all the visitors, however a Chinese citizen will not be able to leave China with no Visa. In this case, all the Chinese visitors have to get a Visa from the 3rd country first, generally from Singapore or Malaysia. If you’re travelling via a travel agency, they’ll assist you to get this 3rd country Visa. It is also not a big deal if you do not wanna use a travel agency. It’s now possible to get just a Chinese citizen to get just a Visa from Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand.

Samsonite Secure DLX Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Secure DLX Spinner Wheels Samsonite is an instantly recognised brand when it comes to luggage. The Samsonite S’cure DLX Spinner is a fantastic model. Designed for cabin use, it comes with whole host of features and extras which make packing, and travelling all the easier. Organisation with style A cabin sized suitcase, the Samsonite Continue reading »

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Airlines to Maldives: There is no non stop flights between China and Maldives. The Sri Lankan Airlines supplies the most affordable flights to Maldives, you’ll have to get at Hong Kong first then transfer to Colombo. The Singapore Airlines offers the best service, but the cost can also be the highest. Malaysia Airlines flight ticket is cheaper than Singapore Airlines, less affordable than Sri Lankan Airlines. For the airport tax, the Hong Kong airport costs 100 Hong Kong dollars and Maldives airport costs 10 US dollars. Camera: For Maldives, the most renowned things are the blue sky, sea and beach. A Digicam with CPL is very ideal for this place.

You’ll not be capable to get very beautiful pictures if you’re utilizing a common DC. If you’re an excellent diver, an under water camera is vital have in Maldives. The hotels can offer this type of camera for sure. The price is not low, about 21 US dollars to get a full moon plus ten percent service fees. If you’re planning to visit Malaysia first, it isn’t easy to purchase a under water camera there. Many people tried to find one in the Kuala Lumpur Airport, but did not make it. Many people say there are under water cameras in Singapore Airport, but the price isn’t known. Some service fees may be charged to your bill in the event that you do so.

Power Conversion: Maldives electricity power is the same as China, however the plug is different. Some hotels offers electrical power converters to the visitors, some don’t.

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