We might not have all were in a situation where our luggage was lost on vacation, but we are all well aware of the issues some holidaymakers and business travelers face. Luggage maker Samsonite wants to put an end to lost items full stop, and has teamed With Vodafone to help fight lost suitcases. Vodafone already offers a Track&Go system, which is a device you put in your bag that you can then track from your phone, and alerts you if the bag goes beyond the set geolocation radius. Samsonite wants to rely on this technology and has introduced what it’s calling Narrowband IoT.

This extension to Vodafone’s system will allow you view your bag’s location regardless of where it’s In the world, so it does not Must rely on a maximum set distance from your phone. If you bag does happen to get lost en route from or to your destination, then the system will automatically supply you with the required contact information To help you get back. And since Some flights may be long, NB IoT technology may have a long lasting battery life. Samsonite’s technology isn’t ready for large scale production just yet, but the company has committed itself to research and developing it further. A concept Track&Go case will be on display at Vodafone’s booth at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off next Monday the 27 February.

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