Victoriatourist Expandable Laptop Backpack

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Victoriatourist Expandable Laptop Backpack

This is probably the best traveling backpack you’ll ever own at this price. It is compact and elegant, and features a 30% storage extension, transforming into a real storage powerhouse. I’ve bought mine several weeks back, and it is stunning in every department.

The design is quite attractive, and the functionality is more than you’ll ever ask for. Definitely the best backpack I’ve owned in my life. And the best thing is that is won’t cost you a fortune. It is quite affordable.

Premium functionality

You have one large main compartment which can securely carry an iPod plus tons of books, or clothes or what have you… Then, there is the front smaller compartment, where you can neatly organize your smaller items and office essentials as well.

The back compartment, which is hidden, can store a 17 inch laptop, and then some. The side has a mesh pocket, along with a fastener, so you can carry a filled water bottle too.

The front is smooth, without any pockets and applications, but when you pull out the mesh net from below, it can transform into a jacket, or ball, or helmet carrier.

All in all, you can pack tons of items, and it won’t look like you’ve over packed.

Compact, elegant, sophisticated

The quality of the fabric and backpack in general is undisputed. This one will probably last me for a decade or even more. It is also comfortable, with double padded back panel, which is also breathable.

The shoulder straps are super comfortable as well, and you have a chest strap for holding it tightly into place.

What I love the most, though, is the elegant and sophisticated looking design.

Features and specs:

  • Tons of storage
  • Neatly organized interior
  • Can carry a 17 inch laptop
  • Nicely padded back panel which allows air to flow freely
  • Comfortable
  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Premium quality and durability

Customer reviews and scores

Over 40 reviews on Amazon were enough to convince me to order this Victoriatourist V6020 expandable laptop backpack. Most of them are very positive, and you’ll share the same opinion after reading them.


If you need a versatile backpack, that is also great for traveling and carrying a boatload of items at once, definitely consider this Victoriatourist V6020 expandable laptop backpack. The quality is unmatched, especially within this price range. Cannot recommend it more, a real bargain!

Author: Eric A.