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Lowepro ProTactic Camera Backpack

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Lowepro ProTactic Camera Backpack

My wife bought me this as a birthday present, after apparently reading tons of reviews on the net. It is bar none the best photography backpack you’ll ever find on the market.

Little bit pricey when compared to other flagship models from competing brands, but worth every penny if you ask me. It offers a ridiculous amount of storage space, and can pack all of you photography equipment regardless of your professional level and regardless of the size of your business.

Super durable and ultra-compact, it is one of the best camera backpacks ever created.

Ridiculous amount of storage space

You can literally pack two fully mounted cameras, plus up to four additional lenses as well. Then, you can also securely transport your laptop, dozens of photography accessories nicely organized, plus a water bottle on the side, and your tripods securely attached.

Everything in this Lowepro ProTactic camera backpack can be accessed easily, and hustle free.

Unmatched convenience

The back panel makes this one of the most comfortable backpacks I’ve ever worn. It has such a compact fit that feels like they’ve designed it specifically for you.

You can access your camera gear from both sides, without having to take the backpack off your shoulders. Super convenient when you are doing outdoor photography, or move fast through the streets of a crowded city.

You have pouches, pockets, zipped compartments and additional storage options that I cannot even count. Everything is so tightly packed and organized that not a single inch is wasted.

The material is premium quality, and for what I know patented for its ability to withstand heavy rain and extreme temperatures.

Features and specs:

  • Ridiculous amount of storage space
  • Unmatched in its category
  • Can carry 2 fully mounted cameras plus 4 additional lenses
  • Extra padded for increased security
  • Ultra-comfortable back panel
  • Lots of straps cleverly placed
  • Ease of use – can access gear from the both sides
  • Incredibly durable
  • Extreme weather resistant
  • Weight – 2 Kg
  • Dimension: 23 x 30.8 x 43 cm

Customer reviews and scores

Reading reviews on Amazon, customers seem to love the fact that inside compartments are fully customizable and easy to adjust according to your own requirements, and they seem overly satisfied with the overall quality and durability of the bag.


If you are looking for a premium quality professional grade camera backpack, this is probably the only one that is unmatched so far. The price is not quite affordable as with other models, but buying this Lowepro ProTactic camera backpack makes sure that you have the best from the best. Thanks honey!

Author: Eric B.