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Lowepro 250 AW II Fastpack Camera Backpack

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Lowepro 250 AW II Fastpack Camera Backpack

After experimenting with several camera backpacks these last couple of years, I’ve finally decided to buy myself something of premium quality with a slightly higher, but nevertheless, matching price tag.

The verdict? This is definitely the backpack I’m sticking with from now on. Super comfortable even when fully loaded, and definitely more convenient than other models out there, I recommend it as the go-to solutions for professional outdoor photographers.

Most practical camera backpack

While I must admit that design is not one of its strengths, the functionality of this camera backpack is unmatched. You can easily store 3-4 lenses, flash, laptop, several smaller accessories like batteries and chargers, and additional hard drives and what not. You can even attach your tripod on the side for a secure transport – Literally my whole photography shebang.

What I love especially about this Lowepro 250 AW II fastpack camera backpack is that you can easily access your main camera compartment without having to take a stop and get the backpack off your back. All you have to do is bring the backpack to the side and reach for the main zipped compartment. The camera is right there ready for action.

The main compartment has a thickly padded interior that protects all of your gear regardless of how negligible you are handling it.

The laptop is also protected, in a separate compartment that goes to the back of the backpack, protected by thick padding and your bag from one side, and the rest of the backpack from another.

Comfortable, protected, and ultra-durable

The material itself is really durable, so you won’t have to worry about the everyday wear and tear. Additionally, the backpack feels ultra-comfortable on your back, and you can definitely carry it for hours to an end.

For protection from rain, dust and harsh environments, you have the special protective coat that keeps your gear and backpack as well, secure.

Features and specs:

  • Can store up to 4 lenses and fully mounted camera in the main department
  • Thickly padded interior
  • Lots of organizational compartments
  • Premium quality material
  • Can securely store a laptop in a separate compartment
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Dimension: 31 x 26 x 50 (in cm)

Customer reviews and scores

Considering the price, you won’t find many reviews on Amazon, but those that already exist, as well as multiple others on the net, confirm my experience with it so far. This is definitely a premium quality professional grade backpack.


The Lowepro 250 AW II fastpack camera backpack is definitely the best investment when it comes to purchasing a camera backpack for a professional outdoor photographer, or someone who has to move around with tones of gear and remain highly maneuverable. Definitely recommender!

Author: Patrick J.