Lixada Ultralight Water-Proof Breathable Cycling Bike Backpack

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Lixada Ultralight Water-Proof Breathable Cycling Bike Backpack

Bought this one after going through enough frustration with the previous backpack, where I had to dry my stuff after every bike tour with a mild to moderate rain shower. It is lightweight and ultra-convenient, and entirely waterproof when you use the rain coat included.

Lots of compartments to store your items, as well as several straps to hold the backpack in place regardless of how you prefer to bike. The air system on the back makes driving in summer quite comfortable, without me having to worry over sweat and wet back for hours to an end.

Incredibly practical

Considering the price, I was surprised to see how many features this Lixada ultralight water-proof breathable cycling bike backpack had. Aside from the two nicely organized main compartments, it also features a bottom zipped pocket for a self-protective rain coat, as well an air system for keeping your back cool and dry. Additionally, the back panel is made to be breathable as well, making it perfect for long bike tours or hot summer commutes.

You also have a specially designed hole for holding a water bladder, and a tube clamp that allows you to take a sip without having to stop. The water bladder has to be bought separately though, but considering how cheap these usually are, I wasn’t worried about the fact.

Ergonomically designed

Aside from being lightweight and breathable, the backpack looks very compact and stylish as well. It will fit your back like a glove, and adjust easily thanks to quality adjustable straps.

You even have an additional pocket, nicely incorporated within the shoulder straps, so you can keep your smartphone or important gear close at hand.

Several surface spots are highly reflective, and I like the fact that I can also ride during the evening.

Features and specs:

  • Compact and sleek design
  • Lots of organizational compartments
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Reflective spots for cycling at night
  • Rain coat to keep the backpack protected even during heavy showers
  • Capacity – 18 L
  • Weight – 700 grams
  • Dimension: 49 x 25 x 18 (in cm)

Customer reviews and scores

Amazon reviews say that customers love the backpack, and appreciate the number of features and functionalities it offers. The rain coat is also a reason why many of them bought it in the first place, as well as the stylish and compact design.


If you are considering this Lixada ultralight water-proof breathable cycling bike backpack, my honest recommendation is to go ahead and make the purchase. It is a decent quality backpack that is comfortable, breathable, and ultra-convenient.

Author: Samuel G.