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Karabar Cabin Approved Lightweight ABS Hard Suitcase

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Karabar Cabin Approved Lightweight ABS Hard Suitcase

I bought this one because it is cabin approved very stylish and premium quality at a low price. Never previously owned a Karabar suitcase, but I like the price/quality ratio, and am very pleased with my purchase.

The shell is very strong and sturdy, and every other feature works just fine. The wheels are multidirectional and spin smoothly, and the handle is aluminum and very responsive.

I also like the compact look and elegant design, and the fact that the front panel is additionally reinforced with a fine texture capable of concealing scratches and occasional damage on the front plastic.


The suitcase is lightweight, and very compact. You’ll be able to move and maneuver it around the terminal with ease, and the telescopic handle is so strong that you can literally lift the entire suitcase by the opened handle and it won’t get loosened or wobbly.

The zipper is premium quality, and the shell is very durable and strong. You’d expect this level or quality from a much pricier suitcase, so I’m pleasantly surprised to enjoy such a quality suitcase at such a low price.

Elegant and stylish

The Karabar Cabin Approved Lightweight ABS Hard Suitcase looks smaller on the outside than it actually is on the inside. It can store up to 32 L in capacity, yet it looks very compact and tiny in terms of exterior.

The suitcase looks very modern, stylish and elegant, and it would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel and does so often.

The texture on the front only adds to this contemporary and sophisticated look, while at the same time protecting the shell form damage, keeping the suitcase from wearing out for years ahead.

Features and specs:

  • Cabin approved
  • Tiny on the outside, spacious on the inside
  • Strong and durable shell
  • Scratch resistant front
  • Strong aluminum telescopic handle
  • Premium quality 4 wheel trolley system
  • Nicely organized interior
  • Dimension: 54 x 34 x 20 (in cm)
  • Capacity – 31 L
  • Weight – 2.2 kg

Customer reviews and scores

You’ll find more than 40 reviews on Amazon UK alone, and almost all of them are generally positive. This is a very affordable and premium quality suitcase you probably won’t find elsewhere.


This Karabar Cabin Approved Lightweight ABS Hard Suitcase is exactly what I expected, and then some. It is very affordable, lightweight, compact and elegant. If you want a durable and premium quality suitcase at a low price, do consider this one.

Author: Peter Y.