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Karabar Cabin Approved Hard Suitcase

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Karabar Cabin Approved Hard Suitcase

Stylish and elegant, just because the Grantham II suitcase looks great, that doesn’t mean that you lose out on functionality. In fact, with this cabin approved hard suitcase, you really can have it all.

Spacious and easy to organise

This suitcase is designed to meet the regulations of a variety of airlines, fitting in as hand luggage. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have plenty of space for all your belongings. At 35 litres, there is plenty of room for everything that you may need, whether it is for a business trip or for a short break.

The interior is fully lined, which ensures that whilst your belongings are inside the case, they are protected from anything that could face them on the outside world. It also comes complete with packing straps, which ensures that everything is neatly arranged and held securely in place.

It comes with organiser pockets, which means that you can sort out everything that you want to take. Best of all, you can make sure that you can easily reach everything once you reach your destination.

Built for quality

This particular suitcase is designed to last, and crafted to ensure that it protects everything inside. The frame and exterior is lightweight yet impact resistant, which safely cocoons your personal belongings.

Thanks to the 4 multi-direction spinner wheels, this suitcase is incredibly easy to manoeuvre. It makes sure = that even if you are rushing to your flight, you (and your luggage) will get there safely and in one piece.

The zip is 2 way and comes complete with a combination lock, which means that everything is stored away and protected against any damage or theft.

With a fully lightweight aluminium frame and a telescopic push button handle, this suitcase comes with a 10 year warranty. This means that means that you can be sure that you are receiving a quality piece of luggage that will get where you want to be.

Features and specifications

  • 55x 35x 20 cm dimensions with a 35L capacity
  • Lightweight and impact resistant
  • Features 4 multi-direction spinner wheels means it is easy to manoeuvre
  • 2 way zip with combination lock
  • Fully lined interior with multi organiser pockets and packing straps
  • 10 year warranty
  • Telescopic push button handle
  • Full aluminium frame


When it comes to cabin approved luggage, you will want a lightweight, easy to carry and spacious suitcase. But what if you could have all of that, as well as a suitcase which is stylish too? The Grantham II suitcase is ideal on all of these points, allowing you to carry around your belongings with ease, safely and in style too!