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Disney Frozen Backpack

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Disney Frozen Backpack

Bought this last week for my daughter, after she watched the movie and got obsessed with it. It perfectly captures the theme, color ambient, and has 3 of the main characters included, as well as the movie recognizable logo.

My daughter loves it, and carries it with her wherever she goes.

I’m pleased with the quality, because quite frankly was expecting something different considering the super affordable price.

Perfect size, and very practical

I hate those heavy backpacks crammed with dozens of different compartments, pouches, zippers, and whatnot. I mean, we are talking about 6 year old kids. What are they going to carry with them? This Disney Frozen backpack is super simple and minimalist, that you have two zipped compartments and that’s all my kid actually needs.

It is so lightweight, that I cannot describe how easy it is for her to wear it half empty. There is a top handle which is very practical for me to use, and we often hang the backpack at home, whenever she is not using it.

Perfectly captures the theme

The purple color, along with those light blue stripes, perfectly captures the Disney Frozen theme. She loves Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, and there is the recognizable Disney Frozen logo included as well.

The snowflakes and overall design make this one of the cutes backpacks that we’ve bought, and I love seeing her delicately handling it.

I hope the excitement wouldn’t wear off soon, and this will be her favorite backpack at least few months from now. You know how it is with small kids, right? They can instantly change their opinion about something.

At least I’ll be happy that we won’t have to change this Disney Frozen backpack because of the usual wear and tear. So far, it looks promising. The material looks durable, and considering how she uses it, I think it might last for few years. But she will definitely want another one until then.

Features and specs:

  • Perfectly captures the Disney Frozen theme
  • Super lightweight
  • Durable
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Reliable zippers

Customer reviews and scores

Most of the reviews on Amazon, and there are tons of them, are super positive. I’ve read some of them before ordering this backpack, and felt super confident and comfortable with the purchase.


If your kid loves the Disney Frozen movie, this is probably the best backpack you’ll ever find. Super affordable, reliable, lightweight and adjustable, you will definitely make the right decision.

Author: Elizabeth S.