Road warrior entrepreneurs and wanderlust travel enthusiasts know that there’s nothing worse than struggling with your luggage. A lost bag may turn a weekend getaway in a costly headache fairly easily. That’s why the team described the group geeks, with a passion for travel, technology and design, have come together to lift the bar when it comes to luggage. Their Bluesmart crowdfunding campaign running on Indiegogo has raised greater than one million dollars, which is more than 2, 000 percentage of its $50, 000 objective. The Bluesmart Suit Packs with an application on your phone. You can lock the case of your own Phone, track its location, and, thanks to a sensor in the handle, get an electronic weight reading by lifting up the suitcase.

Sensors inside the suitcase instantly lock the journey-on size suitcase if you part from your own bag. The next feature is the clutch. How often times have you wandered around an airport looking For the exit behind vending products and in scuzzy hall corners? An electronic charger included in the suitcase allows travellers To load two devices at once with the Bluesmart and the suitcase charger has sufficient power for six smartphone charges at a time. The merchandise Also seeks to be a Fitbit of sorts for the journey life. It’ll Track the miles traveled, the airports visited and the time spent in each nation and show it on your Bluesmart application.

Synced with your digital calendar, the application will also send you travel and packing reminders. The modern searching, blue and black suitcase has a front pouch that make for simple laptop computer and pill access, making fishing out your technology gadgets in the airport protection line so much less stressful. Super early adopter rates of $195 have sold out, but for $235, a donor to the crowdfunding campaign may get a Bluesmart suitcase when they turn out in August 2015. The bags are required to retail at $450 or more. Its makers say they’ve a working prototype which has been made by a 3rd party partner and needs the crowdfunding funds to ramp up production. The team behind Bluesmart is not a group of beginners, some of its members have founded others programs, others have backgrounds in aerospace engineering and product development. The team also has a feeling of humor. The crowdfunding campaign promises to make you the coolest kid in the airport, and the Ultimate Traveler Baller., Take that, James Bond, the pitch says. Visit the Luggage Supermarket for more travel luggage news!

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