Most bags usually come in canvas, pure leather, faux leather and monochrome printed material. While these substances and designs are the standard classics with regards to handbags and bags – there could be times whenever you might want to have a bag that’s out from the ordinary. Maybe you might need a travel bag that sticks out due to its colour or its vibrant design. If you do, then you may like to consider handbags from Shagwear. Shagwear is a brand from Canada that’s known because of its vibrant colors and remarkable design. Like the similarly new as well as fun brand Sydney Love, Shagwear additionally uses bright colors and unique prints and designs.

luggage tags

The brand is much more youthful in its efforts for fun and vibrancy, which is evident in the brand colorful and whimsical fun designs which typically involve animals and plants. Shagwear features various types of bags, and these generally include the ever popular and functional tote bag. Tote bags are ideal for every day wear as they’re adequately sizable to hold laptops, notebooks along with other every day essentials. The brand also carries bags that are versatile selections too. They’re handy, but not too small, plus they may be used throughout the day or night. Handbags be worn on the shoulder or held with the hand.


Sling bags are ideal for them who need to maintain their hands free without always forgoing the employment of a bag. Besides handbags, Shagwear also has other items in its line as well as these comprise bags, coin bags and luggage tags. You will find two types of bags accessible – the long one as well as the brief one. Additionally, there are coin bags to match the look as well as the design of the wallets.

luggage tags

Obviously, aside from coin purses, Shagwear also carries other items like baggage tags, business card holders, iPad cases, passport holders as well as much more. Like some other brands, Shagwear includes a number of selections to select from. These selections vary in publications and design – which suggests you can select a specific color or print to match your taste. Most Shagwear items come in bright colors and feature bold animal prints, therefore expect to see items bags which come in lime green, aqua, blood red, black, metallic blue and more. The totes additionally feature prints like cats, dogs, ants, ladybugs, giraffes as well as ballerinas. A single collection generally involves a long list of items like totes, purses, bags and all the other items described above.

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