Placing your bags under control-in is always an act of faith. It is possible to never be certain what situation your baggage may be in once it reaches its location. Does high-priced luggage possess an improved chance of surviving airline passage? To learn, examiners pitted a high end bag against two spending budget ones. After examining the maneuverability of the wheels on several surfaces, they packed the bags with wrapped bottles and gave them 40 times on a concrete flooring. The target was to test payload protection and sturdiness. At over £200, the Samsonite X’Lite is definitely not an inexpensive suitcase.

This piece of baggage scored extremely well on the wheel test, but its low earth clearance left the foundation scraping the earth. Even Jeep baggage, which costs many hundred bucks less, had better wheel maneuverability. Of all of the instances tested, the X’Lite had the best bundle protection. It took 17 throws onto the concrete prior to the bottles were smashed. After being thrown 40 times yet, the shell was the most broken and scratched of the bags, and the handle turned off after only a couple tosses. For only £180, the Xcase is quite strong and maneuverable. This bag might be pulled and pushed with nominal hassle, thanks to big wheels with bumpy terrain capability.

The low cost has an adverse cost on the Xcase yet, since it provides the least bundle protection. In the end forty throws, the case was only slightly scraped. Apart from a corner dented, the rest of the framework was still intact. Pushing the Diamond around at airports is quite frustrating since this case is quite big and not easy to maneuver. Despite being more pricey than the Samsonite tote at £630, the Diamond scored second place for bundle protection. It only took 9 throws to destroy the contents inside. Titan Luggage claims the poly-carbonate cover for the Diamond bag is scratch proof, and it almost is. Apart from some moderate rubbing and dented corner, this bag was almost blemish free after 40 throws on solid concrete. Even though expensive suitcases can shield your valuables better, the cost isn’t associated with how well the bag frame are designed for abuse.

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