Lightweight Suitcases

Lightweight Suitcases

Weight constraints for airlines will hinder just how much you could carry in your luggage, therefore it’s sensible to get a light-weight suitcase in order that you may pack more for the holiday.

Here are 10 of the best light-weight suitcases of 2017 to make sure that you might take the maximum amount of things as you need. Lock – if you want to the sense of protection, then it’s a wise idea which you get a suitcase with all a 3 digit combination lock. Another option is to only obtain a separate cable or padlock for bags that have no integrated lock. Most decent bags are designed to resist bumps and bruises so you should not even have to utilize the warranty. Expect nothing less than a far well made top quality suitcase from Samsonite.

Other strengths include 4 spinning wheels, a built-in 3 digit combo Transportation Security Administration lock, side exterior pockets as well as a classy interior. With a premium product you might expect to pay a premium cost, but if you’d like the best quality light-weight suitcase then your Samsonite Base Hits Spinner may be worth its price tag. The Samsonite Base Hits Upright light-weight suitcase is precisely just like their Spinner model with the only variations is that the Upright model has two rear single direction wheels rather than four multi-directional rotating wheels, and it is also smaller and lighter. Which implies that this suitcase is somewhat cheaper than their Spinner model.

This isn’t your common suitcase as the Eastpak Tranverz represents a more adventurous design that may flex and expanded thanks to its flexible polyester material. Compression straps on every side allows the bag to be slimmed down in the event that required and two large floor coverings on the back ensures no harm when positioning the suitcase down flat on its back. Here is a no thrills, simple and stylish light-weight suitcase by Aerolite. Conveniently, you’ll find 4 multi directional wheels offers better motion than 2 wheels, but the best part of this suitcase may be it is fantastic value. Simple, attractive and accessible is what best describes the light-weight Aerolite Lightweight Series of bags. It is constructed from 600 denier rip stop polyester that makes it very durable and weighs only 1.53 kg for the lowest capacity 26 litre suitcase.

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