Many of those do tend towards the severe and will test your abilities in the wilderness thus be aware when you do not know just what you’re doing you could get into more problems then you might think. The heaviest things on any backpacking trip are your camping tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. First thing to think about going without is the sleeping pad. Knowing the surroundings where you intend to back pack will allow you to discover if there’ll be components available which will permit you to build a natural mattress. Dead leaves, pine needles, dead grass, and dry bracken ferns could be used to create a stack sufficiently sizable to set your camping tent or bivy sack on.

This gets you out of the hard cold earth and offers insulating value much as a slumber pad does. At any time you break camp be certain to spread your mattress components and leave your website in its natural state. A Wilderness Survival Course could also assist you reduce the weight of the backpacking treks since the knowledge collected may help you make better more knowledgeable decisions on what to take. For example, if you know which berry along with other fauna are edible you may get by with packing less food. You may also depart from your range at home if you bring prepared-to eat foods to cooperate with foraging off the land.

Have a look through all of your equipment and look for ways to save weight there. Do you need complete on rain gear or will a light-weight poncho suffice. Do you actually need that bowl and cup or could you drink your hot tea or soup from your own cooking pan. You may also update your equipment with the most recent and lightest equipment. Down sleeping bags that weight less then 2 pounds, but are good down to 15 degrees and light-weight backpacking tents may save pounds off your load. This light-weight gear isn’t inexpensive, but it’s well made and will last through several backpacking seasons. Combining light-weight backpacking gear with a few of the above techniques will enable you to really enjoy the advantages of light-weight backpacking. For more lightweight hiking backpack visit the Luggage Supermarket!


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