Antler continues to be supplying luxury luggage for over 80 years. Very well known in England, Antler luggage has become popular in other countries as well. All of Antler travel luggage items are durable and spacious, but also lightweight and suitable. They’ve been known for decades for their top quality and attention to detail. Antler carries an extensive selection of luggage sizes, so you’re certain to locate the perfect piece for the next trip. No matter if you’re vacationing for a week or simply heading out of town for an overnight business excursion. Many Antler luggage pieces were created as roller cases that are incredibly convenient when traveling.

 Large Suitcase and Lightweight Suitcases

Just in case you’ve ever had to hurry via a chaotic airport lugging a heavy bag, you know how significant wheels can be. If you do need a big bag, the Litestream two is difficult, reliable, and, but still light and simple to take when traveling. It comes along with matching accessories to accommodate your company needs, and features expanding suitcases in order that you’ll have room for everything. The Aeon Air Big Bag is another excellent option for travel.


In addition, there are other identical bags in the Aeon Air line, such as the easy Flight Organizer bag as well as the little Cabin Bag. If you need to travel with your mobile computer, the Aeon Air Notebook Trolley Bag will be an excellent option. If you prefer hard case luggage because of its added strength and sturdiness, Antler luggage has many choices from which to pick. The Flyweight Cabin Bag is approved by 70% of the airlines as a carry on piece. If you’re only traveling overnight or need a little bag to complete your larger baggage pieces, the New Size Zero type of bags might be an excellent choice.

The Weekender Holdall tote is roomy and light-weight, making it the ideal carry-on piece. The corresponding Grab Bag is a superb complementary accessory, enabling you to maintain essential items nearby while traveling. If you had been looking for a particularly fashionable bit of baggage, the Pleats Cabin Suitcase will be a great selection. Available in both pink and black, comes with an attractive textured exterior surface, a fully lined interior, as well as easy mesh pockets.

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