With regards to what you carry on to a plane, things are becoming somewhat stricter. No bag must transcend these dimensions: 56cm + 36cm + 23cm = absolute measurement of 115cm including handles and wheels. Weight limit per bag: 7kg. Any hand baggage which exceeds the measurements, bit and weight constraints stipulated above may have to be checked-in. This may delay you, or cause you to miss your flight therefore take heed of this statement to avoid a frustrating national journey encounter. The airlines are not accepting obligation should you miss your flight due to wrong hand luggage. Weight limit per bag: 7kg.

How can you identify a slimline laptop computer bag? A slimline laptop computer bag accommodates a laptop computer as well as a charger. It can be carried on the shoulder or in one’s hand. Yes, if an airline’s has granted a passenger exception, a uniform airline staff member may accompany the traveler to the security checkpoint. The airline staff member needs to verify the exclusion to the protection team or any standard manning the hand luggage control point. If a passenger wants to get acceptance for a greater allowance, this may only be done by the airline. In each of the above cases, a woman’s hand bag and a man’s satchel / Man bag is considered part of dress code and is exempt from these regulations.

Basically what they’re concerned with it is people with large bags attempting to pass these off as handbags and after that in addition to that bring on regulation sized hand baggage as well. Airports in South Africa will be supporting the airways along with the South African Civil Aviation Authority rules with regards to hand luggage that’s allowed inside the cabin. The concepts of this campaign may be in the curiosity of ensuring conformity of the airline hand luggage guidelines and also to improve safety measures when flying. The enforcement of this program will be led by the airways operating at Airports in South Africa airports along with supported by the airport authority.  For more travel hand luggage options, visit the Luggage Supermarket!

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