Travel Accessories Buying Guide

Travel accessories generally refer to those little items needed in virtually any journey. Sometimes they turn out to be the most important items in a flight, road trip or high octane outdoor adventure. These items are mostly what many people wish they’d remembered to carry along but either forgot or didn’t care about them at the time. They can be anything that makes travel highly comfortable and joyful or items that make you utilize what you took for the trip. Whatever these accessories are, one way or the other they’ll make the journey easier, memorable, worthwhile and stress-free.


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Handy tech

In the digital age the worst experience is to be without power, access to the internet or inability to take a few snapshots or videos on your journey. With the right travel tech accessories you can actually make your life much easier.  For instance, you can actually get a bag that changes into a beach towel, speakers and inflatable pillow in a single item.

Airports are changing their baggage handling rules and guidelines almost daily and knowing how much weight you’re carrying is everything. With a digital luggage scale, a portable device that comes in handy wherever you’re in an airport globally, you can actually weigh your suitcase and know how much weight you’re carrying to be on the safe side.

Chargers are vital, considering the assorted mobile tech the average traveller has, from a Smarthpone, Tablet, digital camera, laptop, eReader to digital scales that need a little charging. Portable chargers are superb for campers as well, including festival enthusiasts or traveller to the other side of the world. The modern charger comes with lots of attachments giving it the ability to charge anything from a camcorder, Tablet, Smartphone, recorder to Notebooks.

What about a portable safe to keep your personal items secure while on the move? Portable safe equipments, just small enough to fit in your travel bag, have been designed to help you keep your phone, money, and other items as you sunbath, ride, drive, swim, walk, jet-ski or camp. They’ve alarm systems to alert you in case anyone tries to open or steal anything; they give out the loudest shrill possible that would drop the gut out of anyone.

Think about a simple solar charge you can use in your camping, hiking or while travelling in a city you’re not sure about the integrity of its power. Note that electric outlets differ from one nation to the other and plugging your digital camera, laptops, mobile phones or hair dryer in any socket could destroy them. Find an international adapter or power converter set that will ensure any wall socket is not a hazard but a blessing.

Of course, handy tech is as wide as the travel accessories themselves but you can always ensure you have what you need anywhere you might be around the world.

 Comfort in a flight/trip

Getting some sleep or some comfort in an airplane is most important. Think about some quality blanket or travel pillows you can use in a long bus ride, overnight flight, backpacking camping trips or long train rides. Airplanes don’t usually provide the most comfortable blankets and pillows or the tidiest. Carrying yourself helps a lot.

Ear plugs and face/eye masks are superb to include in your travel itinerary. Ear plugs help you to sleep even in the busiest cities or overnight noisy flights to adjust your mind to catch a wink or two. Face or eye masks actually help you to minimise light and close your eyes after a hectic day at the airport and boarding queues to concentrate and sleep. Perfect for those incapable of sleeping when lights, dim or not, are on.

Docs and money wallets

While travelling internationally in cities and neighbourhoods you’ve never been to, your money and travel documents are always in danger. With neck wallets and money belts you can keep your critical currency safe. Whether travelling in unfamiliar local areas or foreign lands you can buy a bra stash and money belts made to keep money and travel IDs safe. These are usually clandestine enough not to draw attention.

Packable accessories

Travel accessories encompass a lot. If you’re travelling to a destination for a holiday or vacation and thinking about bringing keepsakes, gifts and plenty of shopping home you can prepare for it. Duffle, tote and carry-on bags can be folded nicely into a suitcase and expand further to bring all the shopping and memorabilia you collected in your vacation.

Packing kits/containers

Wherever you’re going a packing container allows you to pack such items as toiletries superbly. You can also use packing aides, travel pouches, shirt folders and packing cells to maximise on the space on your luggage bag.

Of course there’re so many travel accessories for any traveller, hiker, camper or adventurer in the high seas, air, urban centres, hills or the plains. Check out the different carefully selected travel accessories we believe you’ll need in your journey here.


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