One of the things you’ll realise with suitcases is that they’re really simple items to purchase. However, before you select the best case that’ll work for you think about a number of things. View our different types of suitcases here.



Suitcases can come with as little as two wheels or even four. While there might be other choices, two wheeled or four wheeled cases are the most common. Of course it mostly depends on the manufacturers. Spinner suitcases or four-wheeled suitcases include four small types of wheels. They contrast with two-wheelers by virtue of the fact that they are upright suitcases and the wheels are a bit larger. The wheel sizes vary a lot from one case to the other.

The size of the wheels has its purpose. For instance, four-wheeled cases easily glide along smooth floors especially in airports without a problem. Two wheeled suitcases with large wheels come in handy when it comes to going down and up kerbs or rough surfaces. Also wheels are either plastic or rubber-hollow wheels made of plastic are largely noisy as you pull them along rough areas.

A number of cases today come with replaceable wheels you can unscrew and screw with ease. You can actually replace old wheels or simply remove them to boost the case’s longevity.

The size is also critical

Modern travelling today is characterized by new baggage restrictions imposed on case sizes among others, particularly the hold luggage. As you choose the best suitcase to pack for your journey, this is important to have in mind. If you’ve a family large cases make a lot of sense. But before you get the case contact the airline and check their luggage restrictions to avoid cumbersome checks and extra charges.

Expandable compartments

Expandable compartments are some of the features of a great case. They come in handy if you’re always switching between holidays, from summer to winter or longer vacations and shorter getaways where the baggage need varies.  Front compartments or pockets are also superb for convenience. With front accessible compartments you can actually have your critical passes and documents close by and store away immediately to avoid dropping or losing them in the bustle and hustle of an airport or street.

Grab handles

Easier handling is everything with a suitcase. Helper handles give you the ability to manoeuvre your bags outside or inside luggage bins if possible or just make it easy to move about. Suitcases have helper handlers towards the top with bottom handles also a part of a modern case.

As you might find out suitcase makers usually reduce the weight of the case by creating thin handles and smaller wheels. Pulling becomes hard and could collapse the wheels, wobble the helper handle and put the integrity of the product in jeopardy. Go with sturdy and large enough wheels enough to hold the suitcase’s weight, particularly when you choose spinner wheels.


One of the most disappointments of a modern suitcase is a broken zipper. A quick fix is not always easy to come by. Once you’ve packed your suitcase with lots of items the fear of the case bursting is real and can make you self-conscious all the time as you worry about losing your precious items. Go with tough zippers that move smoothly and not weakly.

Water resistance

The heavens usually have a mind of their own and you probably won’t even know when it’ll start pouring. Moisture can be anywhere, more so for global travellers to unfamiliar cities. The suitcase you choose should be water resistant enough to keep your items dry and undamaged by seeping moisture. Soaked belongings even before you arrive to your destination is an abhorrence you might not want to endure. While some cases are water resistant due to the material used, others might not. In case this is important ensure the feature is clearly indicated on the case of choice.


Durability in a case is non-negotiable. You’re looking for a case that’ll serve you for the longest time possible. You can choose soft-sided suitcases made of thick double-stitched type of polyester that resists tears, abrasions and fraying. For hard-sided suitcases the polycarbonate, tough and yet lighter materials make them a great choice. Some cases also include reinforced corners that definitely boost durability.

Before you choose a suitcase ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you be taking trips often?
  • Are you flying? Passenger flights?
  • Will you be carrying/lifting your suitcase yourself?
  • Rather than two small suitcases is a large one enough?

As you select the best suitcase always remember carry-on types are cheaper than large suitcases. On the other hand carry-on luggage carries fewer items in contrast with a large case. Know what you need and exactly what will work for your travel needs to help you select the best suitcase.


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