Best Hand Luggage Buying Guide

When it comes to buying hand luggage you must know at least what you need and have the reason in mind. Perhaps you’re doing light travelling around the continent or just getting into a train and visiting the land across the channel. Whatever the reason hand luggage will always come in handy. You must think of soft sided or hard sided, a holdall, suitcase or a flight bag. You have to agree there’re diverse types that you need to select from. While for some this is so easy the important thing is thinking about the reason for the hand luggage, the mode of travelling, security, handling and even appearance.

This guide will help you choose the type of easy carry luggage you need. View the various hand luggage varieties that we have here.

Luggage features

Think about the features you need. This can be wheely suitcases, pull and tilt that you can also carry by hand if the need be. Wheels add some weight and might not be exactly what you had in mind with hand luggage. Think about extra pockets, water and elements resistant if you’re travelling in the most rugged parts of the world. Wherever you’re travelling there’s a special type of luggage you can easily carry by hand with all your travelling goods and gear.


Antler Casual Daypack, 45 cm, 34 Liters, Navy


Soft sided or hard sided?

High quality suitcases come with tightly woven denier fabric that adds some additional strength. They’re also soil and scuff resistant and not the easiest to tear. In most cases the fabric used comes with a waterproof PVC type of inside backing. Nonetheless, for some if the rain hit them hard some moisture might still seep through. With soft sided hand luggage the features are endless. Most importantly it’s made to ensure all your things are well organised and travelling is highly convenient. Depending on where you’re going and the reason for the journey, expendable cases might make sense; add a little security with closures and protected zips with low wear and tear but not exactly hand luggage as you might want.

Note that soft-sided luggage is made from nylon, polyester or a blend of both. Denier graded, the fabric with a higher denier will be a bit more durable and thicker. Hard-sided luggage might come in handy if what you need is a portable suitcase that’s rigid and not as flexible as a soft sided one. It’s best for frequent air travellers in the most extreme temperatures. However, these are great luggage choices if you’ve no problem with the bags being thrown in a plane’s hold.

What about a flight bag?

Perhaps the perfect description of a luggage bag is a flight bag, a unique suitcase that’s made to just enter an aircraft’s cabin with. These cases feature pockets perfect for storing all the valuable items that you have. The handy pockets will hold your travel documents and passports for instance, closely. Great for carrying all your flight critical items and sometimes are the best weekend or overnight bags.

Don’t forget that airports today have heightened their security and restrictions on hand carry-on luggage have intensified. Always take a look at the air travel guidelines lately published on baggage rules. Of course the restrictions on hand luggage varies from one airport and airline to another. Worth checking before you appear in the airport.

Business travel

Hand luggage such as briefcases and work bags are superb for any business traveller due to their huge number of compartments and pockets. Made from diverse materials such as polyester, nylon and leather, they’re endowed with great features such as document pockets, additional compartments for electronics and other accessories and detachable types of shoulder straps. They also clearly indicate the inches they hold.

Garment bags and suiter bags are hand luggage designed for protecting a dress or suit as you travel to reduce creasing. In fact some can actually carry clothes for three days sufficiently.

Holdalls and backpacks

Of course sometimes a backpack is exactly what you need for your hand luggage or a holdall. Note that packs come in various sizes and shapes and you can choose one that’s easy to carry with compartments for your items such as a laptop and easy to carry by hand.

While crisscrossing the Alps or the Andes surely a backpack is your ideal hand bag. Holdalls hand luggage is much lighter although you can find some that are actually trolley cases. Lightweight holdalls are great for flying, lightweight and flexible in structure but might not offer you that protective shell you wanted.  They’ll have grab handles, detachable adjustable shoulder straps, including interior pocket compartments among other features.

 Children hand luggage

Children need games, candy and toys as well, at home or in your destination. To make their holiday or journey convenient and comfortable you might want to offer them hand luggage to fit all their top play things and carry along with ease. With diverse choices in children luggage you can actually allow them to choose what they want.



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