Backpack Tutorials

Cut pattern pieces as directed in the design pieces. Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric 6 Cut 2 sections 3W x 11L each for provider straps. Attach one side of 3/4 velcro piece to the one-piece support lining, 1 inch down from the top, 2.5 inches from each side. Place wrong sides together with primary carrier part, pin and baste. Fold your 3 x 11 sections right sides together, across the long side and press. Apply fusible fleece to the rear of the main back pack piece. Fold the piece in two along the prolonged side, wrong sides together. This could help center the carrier piece on the front back pack piece.

Place the carrier bit on top of main back pack piece. The top of the provider bit needs to be placed 8 inches from the underside. Centre the carrier bit, aligning with the print sign we made on the previous measure. Location strap pieces, with velcro side up, 2.5 from each side. Cut 2 sections of double fold bias tape the width of the back pack piece. Gather the net or material to the width of your bias tape, attach to the bias tape and sew across the sides and underside of the lining bit. Now place the main backpack front piece on top of the lining piece, wrong sides together, pin and baste with 1/4 seam allowance.

Grab your 3×16 sections and fold 1 to the wrong side of material on every one of them. Apply fusible fleece to primary piece, in one fold line to the other. On the lining piece, fold one of the long sides 3/8 to the wrong side. Apply fusible fleece to the wrong side of the remaining primary back pack piece and the pins 3 from each side. Grab your 3 x 37 sections and press forward E of the long edges of each, 1/2 to the wrong side. Pin one among your 3 x 37 pieces 1/2 from the top of the front backpack piece.

The main back pack piece will be inserted between the main and lining pieces. Pin across the side of the piece which wasn’t pressed to the wrong side. Make certain to start to the right of the front part and on the left of the back piece, therefore both pieces fit when joined later. Attach your main material 16 x 3 piece, right sides together to the primary back pack piece, along the left side. For more backpack ideas, visit The Luggage Supermarket!

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